The Canadian Nursing Informatics Association is pleased to announce the unanimous Board decision to recommend the inaugural CNIA Endorsement be awarded to the C-HOBIC Project as a model for documenting standardized clinical outcomes reflective of nursing practice in Canada.

CHOBIC has made substantial contributions to Canadian nursing documentation and practice and CNIA recognizes this accomplishment with appreciation and anticipation of future contributions.  To find out more about C-HOBIC, click on here.


That CNIA endorse C-HOBIC as a model for documenting standardized clinical outcomes reflective of nursing practice in Canada

Supporting Rationale

C-HOBIC is a suite of standardized clinical outcomes reflective of nursing practice that can be captured to understand how nursing practice impacts patient outcomes in Canada.  Currently in multi-provincial use in Canada, C-HOBIC supports the nursing profession by:

  1. systematically articulating outcomes reflective of nursing interventions,
  2. supporting the aggregation of nursing data across practice settings to enable comparative analysis, and
  3. . positioning the collection and reporting of nursing data in a systematic format which supports the inclusion in nursing data in health information databases and discharge abstracts

Additionally, the CHOBIC set of data elements is expressed in the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) and is currently being mapped to SNOMED CT.  This complies with the CNA preferred systematized terminology for nursing in Canada, and enables the CHOBIC suite to be seamlessly integrated into PCS incorporating the Infoway endorsed SNOMED CT.  Additionally, the CHOBIC suite has been developed within Canada by Canadian nurses who are embedded in Canadian health care and nursing practice.  With a foundation of research and evidence, CHOBIC demonstrates the synergy between research and practice.

At a Pan-Canadian Nursing Forum Working Group hosted by Canada Health Infoway and the Canadian Nurses Association March 22 & 23, 2010, the C-HOBIC clinical terms were endorsed by representatives from across Canada as the standard for clinical nursing data in the EHR.

CNIA has an obligation to provide leadership in Canada with regard to best practices in nursing data management and nursing informatics practice.  This submission recommends the CHOBIC project as an exemplar of nursing data management in Canada, worthy of CNIA endorsement, and of progression across Canadian nursing settings.

In accordance with the endorsement process, CNIA members were given 14 days to provide any additional comments before the final endorsement was issued.  The comment period was March 3-16, 2011. Final endorsement was unanimously approved at the CNIA Board of Directors meeting on April 18, 2011.