Friday May 25th

1700 - 1730

Reception Area - 2nd Floor


1730 - 2000

Atrium - 8th Floor

Networking Event: Sponsored by Cerner

Saturday May 26th

0800 - 0900

Reception Area - 2nd Floor

Registration & Refreshments

0900 - 0915

Main Ballroom - 2nd Floor

Conference Opening & Welcome from the Canadian Nursing Association

0915 - 1015

Main Ballroom - 2nd Floor

Keynote Address

Professor Nicholas Hardiker: Unleashing the Full Potential of Nursing

1015 - 1030

Main Ballroom - 2nd Floor

Networking Break

1030 - 1130

Main Ballroom
2nd Floor

Technology to Support Nursing Research

1A: Ethical considerations for registered nurses researchers examining perceptions of professionalism in social media use by nurses and nursing students.

By: Angela Ahlquist, Gina Flemming, Pamela Farthing, Natasha Hubbard Murdoch, Shauna Davies, Nicole Cotterill, Justine Mennie

1A: Agent-based modeling: A leading-edge methodology for exploring challenging problems and pioneering unconventional strategies in nursing research

By: Allen McLean, Nathaniel Osgood

1A (Rapid Fire): Dynamic simulation modeling: Decision support for nursing leadership

By: Allen McLean, Nathaniel Osgood

1A (Rapid Fire): Nursing students’ and nursing faculty members’ perceptions of professionalism online

By: Angela Ahlquist, Pamela Farthing, Natasha Hubbard Murdoch, Shauna Davies, Gina Fleming, Nicole Cotterill

Moderator: Gillian Strudwick

Atrium - 8th Floor

Social Media, Apps & Mobile Technology

1B: Feasibility study to evaluate behaviour change techniques in mobile health apps

By: Marcy G. Antonio, Karen L. Courtney, Ashley C. Garnett, Judith T. Mattews

1B: We learned to tweet, now what? A near-real-time analysis of #NURSING content on Twitter

By: Tracie Risling, Derek Risling

1B (Rapid Fire) Developing an educational clinical information system (EdCIS)

By: Glynda Rees

1B (Rapid Fire) How Fraser Health is integrating clinical decisions support tools into electronic documentation to support evidence-informed, high-quality practice

By: Michelle Gramozis, René Campbell

Moderator: Megan Stowe


Main Ballroom - 2nd Floor

Open Forum

Opportunities to Unleash Nursing’s Potential through Informatics in Canada

Moderator: Jeffrey Williamson, M. Ed.

1200 - 1300

Atrium - 8th Floor

Lunch & Poster Session

1300 - 1430

Main Ballroom
2nd Floor

Big Data, Data Science & AI for Nurses

2A: What nursing can teach artificial intelligence

By: Tracie Risling

2A: Utilization of the interRAI-home care assessment instrument to inform decision-making in clinical practice – the platform to practice: A conceptual framework.

By: Mary Henderson Betkus, Shannon Freeman

2A: Nursing leadership expectations for business intelligence

By: Liz Loewen, Abdul Roudsari, Karen Courtney, Kathryn Hannah

2A: Advancing clinical data standards in Canada- What is nursing’s role?

By: Peggy White, Lynn Nagle

Moderator: Lori Block

Atrium - 8th Floor

Technology Enabling Practice, Education, Research

2B: Utilizing the Canadian nurse informatics competency assessment scale (C-NICAS) to support informatics competency development in education and practice: A practical tool for every nurse!

By: Manal Kleib, Lynn Nagle

2B: Preliminary findings of a Canadian nurse educator study: What is the current state of digital health integration in nursing curricula?

By: Karen Furlong, Manal Kleib, Lynn Nagle

2B: Nursing informatics specialists role in the development of clinical training environments

By: Carmen Moore, Rhonda Sage

2B: Using simulation technology to enhance interprofessional education

By: Madeline M. Press, Natasha Hubbard Murdoch, Terry Hastings, Kara Delveaux

Moderator: Terri Baker

1430 - 1500

Networking Break

1500 - 1630

Main Ballroom
2nd Floor

Demonstrating the Value of NI in Healthcare

3A: Reflections from the field: A journey towards building health informatics capacity in Guyana

By: Lynsey Turchet

3A: Effectiveness of training strategies that support informatics competency development in healthcare professionals

By: Tracy Shaben, Anne Short, Bev Rhodes

3A: Disrupting the legacy approach to staffing with intelligent technology

By: Karlene Kerfoot

3A: Citizen and Clinicians Use of Digital Health Technology in Canada

By: Susan Sepa

Moderator: Karen Furlong

Atrium - 8th Floor

Point of Care: Integrating Informatics into Practice

3B: Provincial workplace health call centre: A telehealth approach to occupational health nursing services for BC health authorities

By: Kiran Sidhu, Shannon Callaghan

3B: Role of nurse managers in supporting mental health nurses’ use of health information technologies

By: Gillian Strudwick, Rani Srivastava, Richard Booth

3B: How to create a viable workflow and increase patient understanding through an integrated EHR

By: Parminder Ghuman

3B: The implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR): Will the system meet nurses’ informational needs and enable their full contribution to the care team?

By: Eric Maillet, Claude Sicotte, Luc Mathieu

Moderator: Peggy White

1630 - 1700

Main Ballroom - 2nd Floor

NI Unleashed: Future Directions & Closing Comments