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Poster and Networking Session

We welcome you to join our poster and networking session June 14th afternoon (time block 2). In this ninety (90) minute session, you will have the opportunity to: 

      • Join various breakout rooms where you can speak one on one with the presenter of the poster
      • Self-rotate through breakout rooms with other conference attendees to network with like-minded professionals, exploring the conference themes
Breakout room themes will include:
      • Exploring knowledge to action: data informed practice, process & decision making;
      • Nurses leading emerging technology use & innovation;
      • Human factors: use & usability, integrative technology with EHR design;
      • What transformative really means. 

Please note at the end of the session there will be a draw for a gift card for those in attendance at time of the draw.

Conference Tracks

This year's virtual conference theme celebrates nurses' leadership and contributions to the many incredible advancements and innovative solutions that enabled optimal digitized care and quality nursing practice and education across Canada. Please join us in bringing together Canada's nursing informatics community to learn and network, as we continue to transform nursing practice in a post-pandemic era and a digitized healthcare environment. Submissions are welcome from all domains of nursing (Education, clinical practice, research, administration, & policy) to any of the following tracks:

1. Knowledge to Action: Data Informed Practice, Process, & Decision Making

This track creates opportunities for conference participants to learn about research and/or project initiatives associated with how nursing documentation, interdisciplinary care team data, and clinical decision support tools support/optimize:
  • clinical decision making at the point of care
  • care planning
  • patient outcome measurement

2. Human Factors: Use & Usability, Integrating Technology & EHR Design

This track creates opportunities for conference participants to learn about research and/or project initiatives associated with how the integration of computing, and biomedical technologies intersects with and safely optimizes:

  • the quality of nursing practice and workflow (clinical standards)
  • EHR design
  • digital automation of nursing documentation

3. Nurses Leading Emerging Technology Use & Innovation Across all Domains of Nursing Practice

This track creates opportunities for conference participants to learn about research and/or project initiatives associated with how nurses have creatively integrated the use of telephony, virtual health, computing, and bio-medical technologies to drive new evidenced based practices and workflows that enhance the quality of care and the nursing profession

4. Quality & Safety: Communication & Collaboration Across Transitions of Care

This track creates opportunities for conference participants to learn about research and/or project initiatives associated with how nurses interact with care team members to establish comprehensive and complete digital documentation and workflows to enable the safe transfer of patients; interunit, across care venues, and/or discharge to home

Featured Speakers

Opening Keynote

A pivotal time for nurse informatics leaders as the pandemic expedites healthcare transformation

Sonia Pagliaroli RN, MSc, CPHIMS-CA

As Chief Nursing Officer for Cerner Canada, Ms. Pagliaroli strives to partner with Canadian Cerner clients to ensure the value of improved safety and quality of care is realized through the utilization of Cerner technology solutions. Sonia Pagliaroli is a Registered Nurse and clinical informatics professional (CPHIMS-CA) with frontline clinical experience and over 15 years of senior management and leadership expertise. She holds board positions as Director of Membership for the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association and Director of Membership for the HIMSS Ontario Chapter. Her passion is in data sharing, standards and reducing clinician burden and as such, is an active participant of the National Nursing Data Standards group. She is a graduate of the Masters of Health Information Science from University of Victoria.

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Closing Keynote

Digital compassion: An essential part of nursing practice

Dr. Gillian Strudwick RN MN PhD

Gillian Strudwick RN, PhD, FAMIA is a Registered Nurse, holding the positions of Chief Clinical Informatics Officer and Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Dr. Strudwick serves as a board member for AMS Healthcare and the Village Family Health Team

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Plenary Session

From innovation to practice: Collaborating with stakeholders for social impact

Dr. Lillian Hung, RN, PhD

Dr. Lillian Hung is the founder and head of IDEA lab (Innovation in Dementia & Aging). Her research examines how technology and environment impact the care experiences of persons with dementia. She has expertise in patient-oriented research and knowledge translation. She is committed to facilitating connectivity between academia and practice, working collaboratively with interprofessional practitioners to find practical solutions to address pressing problems in care settings.

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Workshop Presenters

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Glynda Rees RN, MSN

Glynda teaches in the BSN program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is Program Lead for the development of an Advanced Certificate in Digital Health at BCIT. She completed an MSN at the University of British Columbia with a focus on education and health informatics, and a BSN at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Glynda’s interests include digital health education, the impact of health information technologies on clinical judgment and decision making at the point of care, and the potential for health information technologies to improve health outcomes across communities. Glynda co-authored the Open Educational Resources Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care and Health Case Studies, and the Digital Health Nursing Informatics E-Resource with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing. Glynda is currently co-leading a provincial initiative to develop an Interprofessional Educational Electronic Health Record for teaching and learning in healthcare.

Dr. Manal Kleib, RN, MN, MBA, PhD 

Dr. Kleib is an internationally educated Registered Nurse with over 30 years of professional nursing experience in diverse educational and healthcare settings, locally and internationally. She is recognized as an expert and a leader in nursing education research, with a focus on digital health and nursing informatics. Dr. Kleib is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. The overall aim of her program of research is to enhance the preparedness of the nursing workforce and their capabilities to effectively integrate existing and emerging digital health technology in their practice roles to deliver high quality nursing care and achieve better outcomes for patients, providers, and health systems. She is the founder of the Nursing Informatics Association of Alberta and serves as a treasurer for the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association.

Rosa Hart RN, MHA

Rosa Hart has been clinical champion of quality-driven practice and a Nurse Informaticist for over 18 years. While completing her Masters in Health Administration, at the University of British Columbia, like many informaticists she stumbled upon what became her passion by accident when she landed a job providing training and support for the clinical information system at her local hospital. During that time, she began to understand how the potential of data-driven and technology-enabled workflow design can transform practice and care when the clinician’s voice is at the centre of the design process. In 2014, Rosa joined the Clinical & System Transformation (CST) Project in British Columbia. As the Clinical Informatics Director for the CST, Rosa established the role of clinical informatics and equates the contribution of clinical informatics as pivotal to the success of this substantive health system transformation. ​In her current role as Regional Director for Clinical Informatics, Acute & Ambulatory with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Rosa is continuing to advance quality-driven practice and the use of clinical information systems (EHR) and technology solutions, while expanding the role of clinical informaticists as a specialty domain of practice in healthcare.

Amy Williams RN, BScN, MSc

Amy is the Director of Clinical Informatics at Island Health.  Amy’s role as Director of Clinical Informatics has her focused on continuing to innovate and advance digital transformation of health care in all care venues within Island Health to support fully integrated care venues, information flow, and safer care environments.  Her professional focus and passion is advancing information technology, fostering adoption and use, and decreasing technology burden of health care professionals.

Helen Edwards RN BA MN

Helen worked at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), holding a variety of positions including bedside nursing, education, project management, director and Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, retiring after 40 years. She led initiatives focused on identifying, evaluating, procuring, implementing and optimizing large-scale informatics and clinical technology solutions. She describes the focus of her role as providing leadership and influencing clinical transformation through adoption and use of systems and their associated data - aimed at making improvements in patient care. Since retirement Helen works independently as a Consultant, providing clinical informatics leadership and advice and mentors many nurses and others interested in advancing their careers in clinical informatics. Helen is an Adjunct Lecturer for the University of Toronto Master of Health Informatics Program, is a formal mentor in the HIMSS Emerging Leaders Forum program and is in her second term as Communications Co-Director on the Canadian Nursing Informatics Board. She has been recognized with the Ontario Nursing Informatics Group Award of Excellence, the SickKids President’s Award and the Nursing Excellence Career Achievement Award; and upon retiring was honoured with the creation of the Helen Edwards Clinical Informatics Education Fund.

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