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The value of the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer role

There is an ever increasing focus on implementing and optimizing information technology in healthcare settings. The role of the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) is well established across Canada, but the role of the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) has not received the same amount of recognition. See the paper for more details about the role, this video, and the infographic for associated competencies for nursing informatics leaders.

CNIA responds to reestablishment of Chief Nursing Officer role

The Canadian Chief Nursing Officer role has been reinstated. Strong leadership has never been more important for nurses across the country. See the response below:

CNIA CNO Position Statement

National Survey of Canadian Nurses Use of Digital Health

This survey, commissioned by Canada Health Infoway, in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association, focused on the use and impact of digital health technologies on nursing practice. The report yields the main results from this, the third iteration of the survey.

National Survey of Canadian Nurses Use of Digital Health Technology Report

Sondage national des infirmieres et infirmiers du Canada

Whiteboard Animation: A Nursing Student’s Story Of Social Media Use

Two whiteboard animations that demonstrate how social media can support nursing practice.

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Consumer Health Solutions Resource: A Teaching And Learning Resource For Nursing Education

This resource is designed to be used by nurse educators, to expand their knowledge of digital health and integrate consumer health solutions into their courses. By using the teaching activities outlined in the resource, educators will be able to easily integrate this growing area of informatics into their courses while still reaching the indicators identified in the entry-to-practice document. Nurses working in direct care, policy, or other areas may also find this resource useful to expand their knowledge in this evolving area of healthcare.

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Pan-Canadian Nursing Electronic Health Record Business And Functional Elements To Support Clinical Practice

The “Pan-Canadian Nursing Electronic Health Record Business and Functional Elements to Support Clinical Practice – Reference Document” has been created as a resource to assist nurses across Canada in shaping the EHR.

Presenter: Cindy Hollister

Cindy Hollister is a Clinical Leader within the Clinical Adoption Program at Canada Health Infoway (Infoway).  Since joining Infoway in 2009, she has been responsible for providing clinical professional practice and informatics oversight within multiple projects and working groups and for supporting national knowledge management, change management, benefits realization and clinical adoption.  Cindy has over 35 years of health care experience, playing many different roles in a variety of health care settings. She has a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) Degree from Charles Sturt University and holds the CPHIMS-CA certification

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CNA Nursing Information And Knowledge Management Position Statement 

Canadian Nurses Association Position Statement on Nursing Information and Knowledge Management

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CNA e-Nursing Strategy 2006

The purpose of the e-nursing strategy is to guide the development of ICT initiatives in nursing to improve nursing practice and client outcomes. The strategy is intended to:

  • consider nurses in all domains of practice – clinical practice, education, research, administration and policy;
  • identify what nurses need, take advantage of existing quality products and programs, and reduce duplication of effort;
  • benefit individual nurses and their clients, employers, nursing professional and regulatory organizations and the nursing profession as a whole, nationally and around the world.

CASN Nursing Informatics Entry-To-Practice Competencies For RNs

“CASN has developed nursing informatics competencies that all registered nurses should possess upon graduating from an undergraduate nursing program in Canada. The Competency Development Working Group engaged in a multi-step, iterative process, involving relevant stakeholders from across Canada in developing these entry-to-practice nursing informatics competencies for registered nurses. Details about the methodology used can be found in the competency document.”

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CASN/Infoway Nursing Informatics Teaching Toolkit 

The Nursing Informatics Teaching Toolkit provides key concepts and key learnings summarizing information faculty should know to teach each competency. It also provides faculty with teaching tools that they can easily integrate into pre-existing lesson plans. For each competency there is a case study, a PowerPoint presentation, and discussion/quiz questions that can be used in the classroom.

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