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    • 26 May 2022
    • 6:00 PM
    • Online via Zoom

    Graduate Students in Nursing Informatics: Panel Discussion and Networking


    -Nadia Green, University of Alberta

    -Daniel da Costa, BSc, McGill University

    -Sally Remus, Western University

    -Kathy Nguyen, Université de Montreal

    -Abdulai Abdul-Fatawu, UBC

     Moderators: Ryan Chan and Shauna Davies, Co-Directors of Education, CNIA 

    • 2 Jun 2022
    • 12:00 PM
    • Online via Zoom

    Event title: Developing a Nitroglycerin Dose Titration Decision Support System

    Presenter: Navpreet Kamboj, RN, MScN, PhD Student, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto 

    Brief Description: Nitroglycerin is a first-line medication for the acute relief of chest pain. For patients requiring a continuous infusion of nitroglycerin, there is no standardized dose of nitroglycerin because the impact of the medication on blood pressure varies significantly between patients. Therefore, a nurse must manually titrate (increase or decrease) the dosage to achieve optimal titration, defined as avoiding hyper and hypotension while achieving chest pain relief in the setting of an acute coronary syndrome. However, achieving optimal titration is challenging. Navpreet’s research aims to develop a nitroglycerin dose titration decision support system called NITRO DSS that provides a forecast of future blood pressure measurements at the time of nitroglycerin dose titration. With insight into the predicted future blood pressure, nurses can adjust the current dosage to prevent hyper and hypotensive episodes, while achieving the target of chest pain relief. 

    • 13 Jun 2022
    • 16 Jun 2022
    • Virtual

    YOUR HOST: Canadian Nursing Informatics Association  


    1. Knowledge to Action: Data Informed Practice, Process, & Decision Making

    2. Human Factors: Use & Usability, Integrating Technology & EHR Design

    3. Nurses Leading Emerging Technology Use & Innovation

    4. Quality & Safety: Communication & Collaboration Across Transitions of Care


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