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Thinking about submitting an abstract for CNIA 2020 but unsure what is involved?

2 Dec 2019 10:32 PM | Glynda Rees (Administrator)

Are you thinking about submitting an abstract for CNIA 2020, but you are not sure what to expect? Here is an example of a submission from CNIA 2019 that was accepted for an oral presentation. It won't take long to summarize your research, or a project you are working on, or something you think others would be interested to learn about. Submit here:


Students graduating in the health sciences will be frontline users of electronic health records and their acceptance, attitudes, and proficiency with these systems are key factors in determining their readiness and safety to practice. This presentation will provide an update on work being done in British Columbia, Canada through the collaborative efforts of several post-secondary schools and local Health Authorities. Several post secondary schools in British Columbia are collaborating with one another and their local Health Authorities to develop an open source educational electronic health record platform that is relevant to multiple health care professionals. We are currently in the process of designing and developing an open source student-focused EdEHR that can be customized to accommodate and maximize student learning across the health professions. Moreover, there is a widespread recognition in healthcare education of the need for Interprofessional Education (IPE) to prepare students for Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) in practice. Interprofessional pedagogically sound case studies have been specifically developed by Health Sciences faculty for integration into the EdEHR. These case studies coupled with the EdEHR have the potential to support IPE and improve advanced communication skills across the healthcare professions to improve patient safety and quality of care. This presentation will provide an update on work presented at the CNIA 2018 Conference and will outline the background, work to date and vision of the EdEHR initiative in British Columbia.

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